Dark Heresy > FATE

I would like to do a simple, streamlined conversion of Dark Heresy using the FATE CORE system along with a few bits from other FATE-based games.


For characters, here is the list of Aspects that I’m working with. They are borrowed from Strands of Fate and Spirit of the Century:
  • High Concept
  • Ambition
  • Background
  • Convictions
  • Disadvantages
  • Exceptional Skill
  • Foe(s)
  • Gear
  • Help
  • Inferior Skill
  • Movie (Character name vs./in/and/ Adventurous/Scary/Epic thing!)
  • Guest Star (Choose a title from another character)

Granted, those are a lot of aspects, but since my primary goal is conversion of well developed pre-existing characters, I wanted a lot of flexibility.



  • Eccentric Occult Investigator
  • The unworthy shall kneel before my terrible might!
  • Isolated child in the quiet darkness of space
  • I am a living Saint of the God Emperor
  • Too Strange to Live
  • Frightening Puppeteer of Minds
  • Inquisition rivals whisper heresy…
  • The Black Mask of the Death Stalkers
  • The Galactic Pilgrims of Saint Octia
  • Octavian vs the cult of the Tyrant Star
  • TBD


Instead of a skill list, I’d like to introduce the Approaches from FATE Accelerated. They are:

  • Careful
  • Clever
  • Flashy
  • Forceful
  • Quick
  • Sneaky

Each character gets to choose one at +3, two at +2, two at +1 and one at +0



  • Careful +3,
  • Sneaky +2,
  • Forceful +2,
  • Clever +1,
  • Flashy +1,
  • Quick +0


We get 3. Possibly more, to represent added experience.
+2 when I Carefully sniff out psychic phenomena or individuals.