Age of Heroes Session 4

This a session report of my last Age of Heroes game session. Most of it happened in the Library of Menkhat (the Library of Zorlac in Vornheim).

The game session started off with a crossbow duel in the library of Religion: Protus, Adja and the mysterious librarian-assassin faced off and took shots at each other. Our sure-shot hero put one right into her eye and her paralyzed form tumbled down the side of the tower to her death. They hurried downstairs to rejoin the party.

Referee’s Notes: While both the PC and the NPC succeeded on their to-hit rolls, Ryan’s natural 20 made me want to do more than just give him critical damage. The NPC was literally hanging on the outside of a tower and got struck with a poisoned bolt, so extra damage was meaningless. Instead, I ruled that his shot was so successful that hers went astray.

Pytheas and Arcas searched the library downstairs (Philosophy). The Warlock triggered a secret door to the outside, which his comrade investigated. Suddenly, the secret door in the floor opened and a wizened Egyptian man poked his head out. He seemed genuinely surprised at what he say and instantly cast a spell that flung everyone outward. Unfortunately, this launched Arcas out of the door into the void outside. Our talented Rogue plummeted into the dark waters of the oasis below.

Protus fired at their enemy with another poisoned bolt. They took their paralyzed foe upstairs but only after searching him for valuables (his jewelry was given to Adja and Protus claimed a mysterious glass orb). To avenge the (perceived) death of Arcas, Pytheas suggested propping their foe so that he would be facing the Madness-inducing Oblong Rug. That would ensure that even after the paralysis would wear off, he would be completely insane.

Referee’s Notes:Great idea here from the players: not only was this a clever way to enact revenge, it would alter the location’s main villain so that he’ll become an even more deranged antagonist. Also, once they return to this dungeon, it will be quite a different place because of the implications of all of this. Kudos to some great ideas at the table!

The rest of the session involved some exploring and eventually a retreat through a secret door to the outside (they plan on doing an odd job to raise some funds for a second expedition into the Library).

Some other highlights:

  • In Menkhat’s quarters, Pytheas found a special looking scroll. It was trapped; he and Adja were nearly killed by an electric bolt (Andrew made his first Death Saving throw and got a natural 20!). Protus used his healing arts on Adja to save her.
  • In a large dining hall, they found a sinister tome: the mad ramblings of a sorcerer (possibly Menkhat himself?). Pytheas has found a physical form to his pact with Oceanus.