Age of Myr

I’m making an Apocalypse World hack based on the story-game setting of Myr that my friends and I have been working on for many years.

First here’s an outline of the core Peoples and their main archetypes:


Roles: Adventurous Monster Hunter, Moody Spirit Mage or Attractive and sociable Crafter

Unique Traits: Water Runner


Roles: Benevolent Tech Missionary, Dashing Airship Explorer or Optimistic Steampunk Inventor

Unique Traits: Machine Spirit


Roles: Shape-Changing Rogue, Blind Arcane Sorcerer or Passion-fuelled Seeker

Unique Traits: Totem Spirited


Roles: Heroic legend, Mysterious Desert Trickster or Ill-Omened Oracle

Unique Traits: A Deity’s Beloved


Roles: Curious Telepathic Scientist, Short-Lived Giant Warrior or Healing Shepherd of Life

Unique Traits: Abyss-Born


Roles: Diplomatic Elegant Emissary, Daredevil Treasure Hunter or Enlightened Cosmic Chronicler

Unique Trait: Sky Walker


Roles: Wild Emotional Berzerker, Icy Steadfast Navigator, Beast Master of the Steppes

Unique Trait: Grim and Frostbitten