B is for Bukavac the Bullywug


Bukavac is a devoted guardian of crossroads, bridges, portals and gates. Noble at heart but obstinate and ridiculous in its desire to steadfastly guard places for an entire moon cycle; only allowing those whom it deems “worthy” to pass. The most interesting trait about Bukavac is how it will change its gender to match the one whom it challenges. The problem is that Bukavac isn’t all that familiar with other humanoid races and makes assumptions based on its own, which can lead to confusion. This gender fluidity is the reason why Bukavac is referred to as “it”.


Bukavac comes from a unique kind of Bullywug species that can alter their gender for different reasons (an evolutionary adaptation).

Unhappy with the constant inter-tribal warfare and conflict with the Sahuagin and other fish-folk, Bukavac decided to set off into the world and use its skill in combat to judge others in fair duels.

The species’ male traits are:

  • bright, eye-catching colours
  • quickness and nimbleness
  • flashy and flamboyant posturing (think birds of paradise)

The species female traits are:

  • simple, dark or neutral colours
  • larger, bulkier proportions
  • brute strength and endurance

Using this NPC

Bukavac can be introduced as an antagonist or even as a potential ally (if defeated in a fair fight and given an invitation to join the party). When issuing a duel to an individual, he/she will adopt their perceived gender. Bukavac’s male form has a high Dexterity and Charisma; her female form has a high Strength and Constitution. If, for whatever reason, Bukavac gets confused or unsure about her quarry’s actual gender, he/she will morph back and forth throughout the duel.

Bukavac is a mid-level Fighter or Paladin, favoring the use of chain mail, spear and shield.

Bonus Content

Use these options to change-up the default Bullywugs in your campaign:

  1. Their tadpoles are vicious meat eaters thanks to their razor-sharp infant teeth (that eventually drop out when they reach adulthood). They attack in swarms like piranha.
  2. They were once human, transformed by having their blood drained by another Bullywug (like a vampiric disease). They use their long, barbed tongues to feed.
  3. They are the hybrid, half-human spawn of an ancient and malevolent deity. These Bullywugs have bat-like noses and fur.
  4. They are more related to Salamanders than frogs; they thrive near hot, volcanic terrain.
  5. Their eggs must incubate within a living flesh, bursting out of their host when they hatch. They are transmitted through contact with magically tainted pools or swamps.
  6. They are a good, benign people who clear out malevolent or evil creatures from their swamplands. But they absolutely fear & loathe a randomly determined race in your campaign world (ancient grudge).



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