Back from the dead

The ‘Lounge has been on hold for a while due to summer vacation and social media burnout. But I’ll be writing again very soon.

The biggest update is that I’m merging two of my projects (King of the Grey Isles and Curse of the Warlock) into a single, huge roleplaying game adventure setting called Curse of the Grey Isles. This will be my pet project for the remainder of 2016 and I’ll be reaching out to my friends for help (writing, art and proofreading).

Another big update is that I’ll be moving my site over to my new one called Artax Design. Nemo’s Lounge will cease to exist by this time next year.

Sadly Conquerors of the Cosmos will be cancelled. I had lots of great ideas, but other people in the gaming community were quicker than I was. I’ll be releasing bits and pieces of it to Venger Satanis as free fan-supplements for the next edition of Crimson Dragon Slayer.

Take care and good gaming!