C is for Cadaveria #atozchallenge

Beautiful and terrible to behold, Cadaveria is a powerful magic user. She spends most of her time mastering dark rituals and leading her secret coven.

She is known as much for her cruelty as for her wisdom. Heroes and villains from distant lands have braved the dangers of the Grey Isles to get audience with her. She will grant a prophecy to anyone as long as they pay the price: which is always severe and very personal.

In game terms, she can reveal a great secret or mystery of a campaign; the cost is always at the expense of the party’s most treasured asset, ward or ideals. Will they pay the price for such a revelation?

What is Cadaveria’s relationship with the Grey King?

  1. Wife: she is wed to the grim monarch. This was of her doing: her clever machinations led to the arranged matrimony. She hopes to use the intrinsic supernatural nature of the Grey islands to increase her secret occult powers. She is one of the few mortals who is granted regular private audience with the King.
  2. Sister: she is the younger sibling of the King, held back from possessing the crown because of order of birth. She resents her brother but as long as she is his ward, she is safe and comfortable. She longs for his death but hasn’t dared to take his life with her own hands…
  3. Mistress: once, when the King was strong in youth and vigour, he had many affairs. Cadaveria was his favorite. Even though she is mostly forgotten in his nightmarish daze, she feels compassion for him. Her proximity to the Isles has prolonged her life and she is part of the place forever.
  4. Daughter: noble blood courses through her veins. Instead of using its potency to fuel a desire to conquer and rule, she uses it to empower her sorcery. She is proud of her bloodline, even if she doesn’t get along with the current patriarch. Some of her time is searching for a way to connect with the Queen, her mother, who rules the mysterious Opal City…

The Coven

While Cadaveria is a perfectly capable magic user on her own, she feels that there’s a benefit to having some support and company. The palace is a lonely, dark place even for those of grim nature.

The Coven members are three low level Witches: young women whom Cadaveria has chosen from nearby villages or even servants in the palace. She’s personally trained each of them in occult matters.

While the Coven is in close proximity, each member’s magical power is increased significantly: all spells that any of them cast are treated as if the casters were three levels higher. Also, their unified chanting regenerates damage each round of conflict.

While the coven is together, summoning rituals are quite potent: their combined research and sacrifices always give them the upper hand against whatever infernal outsiders that they bargain with.


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