C is for Cimeries the Cambion


Cimeries looks like a very charming and attractive young man. At face value, he is often seen as a servant, page and/or giggolo, wandering from place to place, employer to employer. But his real profession is a spy. And he’s very, very good at his job, frequently able to charm, seduce and manipulate men and women equally. His father’s bloodline must have something to do with it.


Cimeries’ father was an Incubus. He seduced his mother (a nun and secret pagan cult leader) with promises that their offspring would be a great spiritual leader who’d make big, cataclysmic changes. Unfortunately that was just a lie. When she found out the truth she destroyed the devil with a banishment ritual.

Even though she felt disappointment with her son, she let her brother the Duke raise him in the palace. She’s ashamed that her child won’t likely inherit some apocalyptic title, but is pleased that he’s using his abilities to help bring down kings, begin wars, blackmail barons and root out traitors.

Using this NPC

Cimeries would most likely be a meddlesome villain. Alternatively, he could be a valuable and constant source of information; especially if they hire him to aid in some plot involving clandestine, courtly intrigue.

Cimeries has no weapons or armor, but can charm and befuddle others with his devilish beauty. As a last resort, he can set non-living things on fire with his mind, but he’d rather not. Once per day, he can automatically succeed on a charm effect that causes one being to be completely enamoured and protective of him (the spell-effect lasts until an hour or so after Cimeries leaves their presence).

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