Interactive Timeline


UPDATE: This has sadly been retired. I will try to update a self-contained version soon.

This is an interactive JQuery timeline I made for the 2012 Health Care in Canada Report.

It outlines the personal journey of a Canadian Citizen through the health care system, detailing average wait times for each major milestone.

At the client’s request it was to be mobile touch-screen friendly. I also had to design something that conformed to our privacy & security standards. It also had to work in our very intricate and delicate ECM.

There were so many constraints that this job was very stressful. It didn’t help that it had to also work in Internet Explorer 7. So I had to create a special alternative for users with archaic browsers or other technical limitations, like anti-Javascript web watchers in the Government or hospitals.

I’m very pleased with the results.

Here is the timeline on

This was a hack that I personally made of Timeline JS, which was created and built by VéritéCo and the Knight Lab.


Land eNewsletter Microsite


Here is a design I did for a corporate eNewsletter.

The client wanted it to borrow some of the official branding, but to keep it detached. The target audience were Media and less technical public stakeholders.

While not all of my recommendations (best practices in web usability) were accepted, the final result wasn’t that bad at all and proof to my fellow employees that I can actually design when not completely restrained by corporate standards.