D is for Daciana the Death Knight


Daciana’s undead presence can be seen wandering among remote hills on the coldest, loneliest nights of the year. She desperately searches for her family and retainers, fearing that some awful calamnity has befallen them.


Daciana was a respected and feared champion of a young noble who aspired the throne. She supported and fought for him unconditionally. His enemies believed that the only way to defeat him was to get rid of her, but she had proven to be undefeatable. So they hatched a devious plan.

Through magical chicanery they fooled her into believing that her family had been replaced with Dopple-gangers serving her lord’s rivals. She singlehandedly murdered her own husband, children and servants.

Even as she faced trial for her horrible deeds, she fumed and raged that her family were still out there in the clutches of her lord’s enemies. No matter what she could not be convinced otherwise and was executed.

The gods were greatly upset by her actions and cursed her with endless worry and despair. She roams the ruins of her castle and the surrounding hills searching for her family.

Using this NPC

Daciana behaves more like a tormented ghost than a Death Knight. Her tragic tale might be known by Bards or characters skilled in History. She could be enlisted by a party pretending to know the location of her family; or, even more boldly, by characters pretending to be her family. Regardless, she will only depart from her haunts if presented the chance of locating those she lost.

If she ever finds out the truth and/or that she had been manipulated, her wrath will be swift and terrible; Daciana will do everything in her power to destroy those who wronged her. Including any characters who misled her into helping them.

Daciana uses the standard stats for a Death Knight in your preferred system.

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