D is for Desdemonia #atozchallenge

Desdemonia is the Steward of the King’s palace. She has worked there since she was very young, quickly rising in rank and power through her subtle cleverness and guile.

As Steward, she is in charge of all of the servants, cleaners and workers maintaining the palace. She has profound insights on everyone and anyone and knows the layout of the palace and grounds like the back of her hand, even the secret doors and passages.

For years she gave secret counsel to the King in matters of courtly intrigue and political manipulations. No one knows this, but the King trusts Desdemonia more than anyone else, even his own Maidens. Her view of the King has evolved over the years: he has been like a father, a brother, a husband and currently as her son. She will stay at her Lord’s side forever, loyal and steadfast.

She is ageless and immortal; an intrinsic part of the ancient grounds of the Grey Island palace. Hidden in her gown are a handful of magical skeleton keys that allow her to enter any door to exit any other door on the grounds (essentially, she can teleport through doorways). Only she knows the secret of the keys; using these items without first “unlocking” their secrets is very dangerous. Some poor servants have become forever lost to the mists this way.

In truth she is a Revenant; a undead creature of great power. She cannot be destroyed as long as the Grey King exists. She can command any of the creatures, undead or demons on the Isles as if she were the King himself; she often does in his stead because he has entrusted her with the safekeeping of the Grey Isles.

The Well of Souls

Desdemonia has access to a secret chamber in the palace that is unknown to even the eldest of servants. In this place is a sinister stone fountain called the Well of Souls.

Gazing into the Well grants visions of anything or anyone on the Grey Isles. Essentially, it allows one to spy or scry on any location or individual. Each time it is used in this way, it drains one year of life from the one using it. In Desdemonia’s case, her endless un-life has already paid its price and she can use the Well freely without any cost.