Dark Fate

EDIT: This is pretty out-dated, and my opinions on the number of Aspects has changed. There are FAR too many Aspects here…

A conversion from Dark Heresy to FATE.


These define the most important parts of your characters, since they define who they are and how they generate Fate points. Aspects need to help you tell a good story. The best ones push you into conflict-and help you excel once you’re. In other words, they are both useful and dangerous. NEVER are they boring.

1. High Concept

What is your job, your role in life, your calling? What are you good at? What is your duty that your have to deal with?

Octia is a talented investigator due to her psychic abilities and broad knowledge about dark things.

Psychic Witch-Finder

2. Trouble

One CORE  internal conflict or personal trouble. Something that you have to continually deal with. Difficulties with your job, about your darker side, about loved ones you must protect or simply something that you bring down upon yourself.

Octia has a passionate and feverish devotion to Ordo Hereticus and to the Saints, to the point that her rivals have accused her of heresy. They might actually be right!

They call me: Heretic

3. Background

Where did you come from? Your Homeworld? What was  your youth like? Nationality? Culture? Rich or poor? Education? Upbringing? Friends? If supernatural, when did they discover their power?

Octia was raised in the darkness of the void in a spooky spaceship, mostly in isolation.

I like Dark Places

4. Conviction

What do you believe in? What philosophies guide your actions and make you the person you are?

Octia believes that she is a living saint, chosen by the God Emperor to enforce his divine will. Her powers are just an extension of her faith.

My powerful faith will crush you

5. Rise in Power

What shaped you? What was the moment when stakes were high but you managed to come into your own and realized your true potential? Enemies? Significant choices? Lessons learned?

Using her newly improved psychic powers, Octia managed to leave her body as a ghost and completely disable a warship’s command bridge.

Minds are my playthings

6. Exceptional Skill

What are you good at? Have you received special training? Has your body or mind been changed to be exceptional at something?

Octia has an incredibly resistant mind: she’s resisted demonic possession, the temptations of the flesh and of the Warp.

Mental Fortress

7. Help

Do you have a friend, family or a group you can call on in times of need?

Octia became a spiritual leader of sorts to a mob of devoted young men and women while surviving the Desert Planet of Arminius. She has sent them out into Space as pilgrims, ever watchful for her (a network of spies).

The Arminian Pilgrims