Domes of blessed dark

In the Sepulcher of the Abyss, the dungeon featured in A Thousand Fathoms Deep, there are all manner of interesting locations. Unlike typical dungeons, not all are necessarily dangerous or lethal. That all depends on why the adventurers are there, and how they’re behaving.

Here are a few titles to entice your curiosity and dread:

  1. Embalming orgy
  2. Well of Souls
  3. Scriptorium & tattoo parlour
  4. Sharktopus nursery
  5. Geothermal sauna
  6. The Great Seal of Stygia (cracked)
  7. Mandela of the Vortex
  8. Screaming Ossuary
  9. Abominable pulpits
  10. The twin Coral thrones
  11. Mummification Urns
  12. The Black Mirrors
  13. Library of living flesh
  14. Puzzles of brass chains
  15. The Sleeping Bodhisattva
  16. Mara’s feast
  17. The scalding baths
  18. Squid barn
  19. Jellyfish pit
  20. Brittle Star gardens
  21. Giant anemone dances
  22. Shrine to the Anti-Cosmos
  23. Opium vents
  24. Kilns for blasphemous pottery
  25. The sleeping masters
  26. Prophetic cloisters of the dawn-less day
  27. Fangtooth acupuncturism
  28. Cleansing Fountain (home of an abyssal mermaid)