Dungeon Planet – Viridium


Based on our first session, in which our characters were created, we created a few key worlds in the nearest part of the galaxy. Here is one of them:

Viridium, floating islands and fungus

Appearance: Viridium is a green gas giant. Floating in the atmosphere are millions of rocky islands, all pulled by the moon’s gravity. Some islands are small, others are vast. Some rotate slowly, others are constantly spinning.

Behaviour: Viridium has low gravity. The atmosphere is full of spores which act as a powerful narcotic to living beings. There are no indigenous organisms on this planet other than elaborate and diverse fungus.

Theme: Due to the low gravity, all Dex based Defy Danger rolls gain +1. Breathing the atmosphere produces a powerful allergic reaction causing creatures to become sluggish and euphoric (they take -1 Ongoing until they don a Breather mask and rest).

Culture: The Pterominis are immigrants from another world. They resemble giant flying squirrels and stand about four feet tall. They speak in a cheerful tone that contains no affirmative or negative expressions or words: they resort to coded body language for that and so far it is incomprehensible to any outsiders. They are the only alien race that has proved capable of long term living on Viridium.



  • Quarantined (without proper preparation, due to the dangerous atmosphere),
  • Trade (refined spores are exported as potent pain killers and narcotics),
  • Alien (the inhabitants, the Pterominis, are the only race capable of living on Viridium).