E is for Ettin #atozchallenge

Patrolling the many halls, dusty rooms and frosty courtyards of the palace is the Undead creature called the Ettin.

It is a multi-headed giant held together with old bones, mummified flesh and necromancy. It stands easily at 15 feet tall yet it can squeeze through the smallest of doors or narrowest of corridors. Its body appears to be very stiff and it sounds like a creaking bag of bones and frayed ropes. However it is quite flexible and elastic… eerily so. Anyone witnessing the way it distorts itself to squeeze through tiny openings always provokes an ability check to hold off sheer terror.

Most of the time it patrols like an automaton; only provoked into action on command (by the King, the Maidens or by Desdemonia). Otherwise if it perceives anyone deliberately trying to harm any of the inhabitants of the palace, or vandalizing any of its objects, it will seek out the offending person no matter where they are located and no matter how far away. The Ettin will track them down relentlessly and attempt to grab and place them into its massive ribcage (from which there is no possible escape, either through force nor by magic). The trapped individual will be brought to one of the many Oubliettes where they will await judgement… or be forgotten and either die of starvation or from slow consummation by Shadow Ghouls.

However, the Ettin will not leave the island; it will not follow someone into the water. The necromantic energy that gives it unlife immediately cease if the creature ever touches the lake.

If destroyed, it will re-form the next sunset and resume its patrol… or the pursuit of a quarry…

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