F is for Fauhur the Fomorian


Fauhur is a particularly clever and talented Fomorian giant. He is an accomplished weapon smith and engineer, mostly due to the fact that he’s able to forge the hardest of metals thanks to his giant strength. Not only that, but he was born more intelligent than usual for his kind.


Fauhur has kept himself alive and useful to the typical foes of his race by lending his strength to unconventional tasks such as powering the large mechanical forges and gears of the dwarves or pounding metals with tools far too large and heavy for smaller folk. He won the admiration of a subterranean queen by forging a particularly devastating glaive which he imbued with his race’s “cursed gaze”. The sadistic matriarch relished the weapon’s flesh-warping wounds so much that she spared the giant’s life and let him run a famous forge in her underworld kingdom.

But Fauhur has earned many enemies because his great works are as always insidiously warped as he is. Anyone who wields one of his tools eventually succumbs to madness as their minds become twisted and gnarled. Fauhur hates his bloodline; it appears that his kind’s curse extends to their crafted works.

Using this NPC

Fauhur, like most denizens of the underworld, is innately cruel and foul-tempered. However, he longs to be able to create beautiful and useful things. If presented with a task to build something, he will relish the chance and put aside anything else. The player characters might be able to enlist him into crafting something; especially if the materials are rare or exotic.

Some potential hooks (different ways to use this NPC in your campaign):

  1. His matron, the queen of a subterranean people such as Troglodytes, Deep Dwarfs, Dark Elves or even Ilithids, has been driven completely mad by Fauhur’s gift. She holds public executions for unreasonable crimes every day. Perhaps Fauhur worries about this and has somehow spread word that he seeks the aid of heroes who can remove her from her bloody throne.
  2. It is foretold that only Fauhur can forge a weapon that can harm some fantastic, legendary beast. The party must travel into the Underworld and make a deal with him, but no journey into the deep is easy or quick.
  3. Fauhur has become addicted to polymorph potions, and they no longer work. He seeks aid in becoming permanently enchanted so that he may hide his gruesome form. While he can forge himself a ring or other item, he needs a spellcaster from the world above to help.
  4. Two warring underworld factions wish to enlist Fauhur to their side, but he’s a pacifist and has friends on both sides. The party is enlisted to convince the giant to join one side (or the other).
  5. Fauhur’s enchanted hammer has been stolen by some dungeoneers. His employer puts out a bounty for its return, but that means taking it from a party of seasoned adventurers.

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  1. Once again, a lot can be done with this NPC 🙂 It is kinda sad that he wants to make something beautiful. I think I would put him in a campaign somehow where the party can help him make a non-crazy creation in the end…

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