Hakasu the Betrayer


This is my first attempt at creating a Tupua being for Island World using the Generator I recently put together. So far so good, except that I must iron out the six ratings at the end. The number should be more simple to understand.

Type: Cosmic Entity

Element: Fire

Domain: Betrayal

Appearance: Shadowy figure of a woman, occasionally lit up with green flames

Symbol: Compass without a needle

Color: Green

To summon Hakasu, must perform a ritual of self-castigation under a night sky unlit by any of the four moons.

  • Disposition 4 (Benevolent)
  • Relatability 2 (Alien)
  • Strictness 4 (Forgiving)
  • Jealousy 1 (Convert the World)
  • Popularity 1 (Forgotten)
  • Followers 1 (Random Lone Believers)

Hakasu is an entity from the outer void. She is strange and unknowable but is compelled to aid those who summon her, as long as they show humility and a willingness to harm themselves. She is an expert at ruining alliances and convincing people to become traitors. Some seek her aid in winning over valuable members of their opponents. Some ask her to help break apart tribal alliances in order to weaken armed forces.

She tries her best to leave her mark: a broken or needleless compass so that her victims know who she is. Sadly for her, she and her symbols are long forgotten by mortals. Most summoners prefer Tupua with more direct and vulgar powers.