I is for Ichneumon #atozchallenge

The King of the Grey Isles has an intense fear of reptiles. As a child, he was bitten by a snake. As a youth, his lover was killed by a Basilisk. As a soldier, he saw an entire legion nightmarishly incinerated by a dragon’s fire.

Needless to say that he has taken measures to protect his kingdom. At great cost, in both gold and lives, he acquired a rarity among magical beasts: a ferocious Ichneumon.

It resembles a very large, long-furred weasel with formidable claws. The few who know of its existence might know that it’s gaze petrifies reptiles and that it’s bite or scratches kills them instantly.

But even the rarest expert on mythical fauna will not likely know that the Ichneumon is a Dragon killer. It is immune to Dragon Fear, unharmed by Dragon’s Breath and it’s claws and teeth can easily pierce the hardest of a Dragon scales.

This creature is one of the few living things that make Wyverns, Basilisks, Hydras and even Dragons feel actual fear.

It has kept it alive through sorcery and the mists. Most of the time it sleeps in the form of a stone gargoyle on one of the palace roofs. But if a reptilian monster comes to the Grey Isles to wreak havoc, the Ichneumon comes alive and begins its hunt.

It will stop at nothing to kill its prey, for it loves the taste of reptile blood and heart-meat more than anything.

The Ichneumon is responsible for the bones of tyrant lizards that lay at the bottom of the lake. The Queen of the Opal City has proudly made her throne out of dragon remains; her sceptre is a Wyvern’s tail.

The smartest wyrms stay clear of the Grey Isles entirely.



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