Island World: Myr

Island World is the name of the game.

Myr is the name of the world.

Ku is the name of the great Archipelago where the protagonists come from.

The people of Ku are varied and diverse, but they share a few traits in common that are inspired by several aboriginal tribes from our world:

  • the people of Hawaii, New Zealand, Polynesia and Papua New Guinea
  • the mythology of the Hopi and Navajo

There were benevolent missionaries from a distant land who are very technologically advanced. They introduced windmills, gears, advanced navigation tools and sailing equipment. But then, for some reason, they all disappeared and stopped coming. None of the people in the Archipelago know why.


The animals of Myr are liberally pulled from prehistory. The seas will be full of primordial creatures that look like a strange mix of fish, crustacean and squid. The skies will be swarming with flying creatures of varying size, from airplane-sized Pterodactyls to Sky-Whales. Dinosaurs of various kinds will dominate the land where humanity hasn’t.