K is for Kojo the Kobold

Had to rush this one, sorry. No time for something unique or in color. Oh well, life, kids etc...
Had to rush this one, sorry. No time for something unique or in color. Oh well, life, kids etc…

Kojo is a remarkable creature. Unlike the rest of his species, he is nearly indestructible… as long as there are others nearby. No matter the danger or calamity, as long as there are smaller, weaker or more cowardly creatures nearby, Kojo cannot be harmed. Even the mightiest curses directed at him somehow affect someone else instead.

Thanks to this miraculous and inexplicable luck, Kojo is a very brave and arrogant being; his confidence draws many followers (who ironically believe that his luck spreads to them). He has even become famous among Kobolds by scoffing at dragons and other powerful beings who expect the typical devotion that his kind offer to them.

With his living meat-shield of devoted followers, Kojo wanders from dungeon to dungeon seeking to undo the works of evil rulers and masterminds. Mostly to avenge the abuse of his species, but mainly to become famous.


Kojo was another run-of-the-mill Kobold. In other words, he was just another low HD goon sent to thin out the resources of dungeon delvers.

He saw many of his friends, siblings and even lovers brutally slaughtered by callous “heroes” while he remained unharmed. No matter what, he was always one of the few survivors. He never got thanks or recognition for his losses.

Interestingly, his anger was directed towards his masters, be they dragon, lich, beholder or whip-snapping dark elf. Eventually, he discovered that he was unkillable and became quite bold. He left the underdark with a group of followers and set off into the world to make his own destiny.

Using this NPC in your campaign

Kojo is a standard Kobold, except that he cannot be killed as long as he’s not alone. By default, any damage or negative effects targeted at him will instead affect the nearest allied creature within his vicinity. If there are no other Kobolds, the damage will hit the creature with the lowest HP. If he’s alone with his attacker, then somehow the damage reflects back against them; he will always remain unscathed.

This usually happens in a crazed Rube-Goldberg (domino) effect.

Otherwise, Kojo is rather inoffensive and hardly dangerous, even though he believes that he is.

It goes without saying that if a group of PCs come across Kojo and his gang they’ll find out quickly that he’s not an enemy (except maybe a competitor to reach the final Dungeon Boss). He’ll eagerly join them if they have a goal to defeat some villain or monster.

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