Koru: Island World

Koru Carving

This is an article about a work-in-progress project of mine for a role-playing game called Dungeon World. Most of it probably won’t mean much to any of you, but oh well.

Key Features

Koru is an archipelago. It is a world that is covered in hundreds of thousands of islands to discover and explore. Use the Island Generator to create endless locations.

Koru is prehistoric. The world is populated by fantastic but often dangerous Paleozoic and Mesozoic creatures and plants. Use the Bestiary to feature dangerous beasts and new mounts!

Koru is full of giants. The world is home to a titanic creatures who are either deliberately or inadvertently destructive on a grand scale. Use the new Giant tag and the Advantage mechanic to create epic conflicts.

Koru is a graveyard. The world is full of the mysterious ruins of the Old Ones: a variety of dead civilizations from the relatable to the completely alien. Use the Ruin Generator to create wondrous places to explore.

Koru is menagerie. The world’s islands are all home to supernatural entities called the Tupua who can be bargained with. Use the Tupua Generator to create these mythical beings.

Koru is for heroes. The world creates legendary archetypes. Use the new Compendium Classes to better interact with Island World.

Island World Tools

Details coming soon!

The Island Generator

To create islands individually or in entire chains.

The Settlement Generator

To create the islander people on certain islands. Their culture, their main types of trade and their quirks.

The Ruin Generator

To create cool ruins to explore.

The Tupua Generator

Will be based on this article.


Compendium Classes


The Giant Killer

When you have single-handedly defeated, trapped or tamed a Giant…

Core Move:

On the Hunt (through gossip and awareness, find clues about a Giant’s location, its weaknesses, and environmental features you can use to your advantage)

Other Moves:

  • Defy Gravity (run up vertical surfaces, across water, fantastic leaps)
  • Overwhelming Strike (when you launch into battle disregarding safety)
  • Defy the Jaws of Death (when you are Swallowed Whole, or pulled underwater, you can hold you breath and withstand extremely harsh conditions as long as you’re fighting) 

The Harbinger

When you have made and resolved a Bond with a Tupua…

Core Move:

The Sight (you can use prophecy to gain insight about the world, people and grim portents)

Other Moves:

  • The Voice (you can dominate other beings through the tone of your voice)
  • Weirding (you can project your will and your words as an intangibly destructive force)
  • Elementalist (you can control the associated element of the Tupua you share a Bond with)

The Koa Warrior

When you have formally defeated a rival warrior from another tribe…

Core Move:

Koa Dance (you can perform gestures and dance posturing to intimidate foes or incite them into challenging you)

Other Moves:

  • Koa Massage (you can heal others when making camp – soundlessly, without resources or magic)
  • Brutal Maneuver (you can inflict terrible wounds: breaking bones, bloody gouges and pressure points)
  • War Cry (you can bolster your allies or demoralize your foes)

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