Neub, Petty Goddess

Here is my last submission for the Expanded Petty Gods project at Save vs Dragon.

Her armor is loosely based on the middle-eastern Mamluk. I wanted to portray something a bit different.


Here is an exerpt from the author’s description:

Neub (petty goddess of slain novice adventurers)
Neub appears from afar as a well-equipped female fighter,  carrying herself as a warrior of great ability. As she closes,  however,  one sees a changing vision of horrible fates. Her visible flesh (face and forearms) slowly morph through a series of gruesome,  fatal woundings—cuts,  crushing blows,  partial severings,  acid and fire burns,  bites,  and deep piercings… Every death and fate worse than death that has been suffered by the beginning delver is mirrored upon Neub’s form in an everchanging milieu of horror.

Creepy, eh?