Dungeon Planet – Lazar


Based on our first session, in which our characters were created, we created a few key worlds in the nearest part of the galaxy. Here is one of them:

Lazar, the world-city of the future

Appearance: The entire planet is covered by a shining futuristic city. Everything is white, gold, brass and silver.

Behaviour: Science and Technology thrives on Lazar to an almost supernatural level.

Theme: When using impressive gadgets to assist your actions, you take +1 to your rolls. Trying to get around while deliberately avoiding the use of technology gives you -1 to your rolls. Robots are very well treated and respected on Lazar: but are still considered little more than servants or novelties.

Culture: Everyone has at least one cybernetic body part replacement. Many are just cosmetic, but others are very utilitarian. Only people with public positions and good reputations are allowed to walk about with their face uncovered. All others must wear a metallic mask.



  • Industrial (there is very little organic life left at all),
  • Secretive (secrets are valuable and everyone jealously collects them),
  • Wealthy (while there are classes, this world is valuable in just about every way).


Player Inaction

Awesome advice regarding player indecisiveness or inaction during combat:

“I exhibit a low tolerance for player indecision in combat. Combat is supposed to be fluid and fast, and nothing causes the game to grind to a halt faster than an indecisive player who can’t decide what actions his character should take on his turn. I will press the player with questions such as, “What does your character do?” If this doesn’t push the player to swift action, I ask, “Would you like to delay?” (which, if answered in the affirmative, lets me skip forward until the player decides he’s ready to jump back in). Other favorite sayings of mine include, “You can always use an at-will power” or “Do whatever feels right for your character.” Another thing I do is have a monster or NPC verbally taunt or insult the character, which often incites the player to take immediate action against the offending enemy (and also breaks the lull with a touch of roleplaying).”

–Chris Perkins, quoted from the midst of lots of good advice at http://www.wizards.com/DnD/Article.aspx?x=dnd/4dmxp/20110901

Alpha Flight Project


My next art project will be to finish individual drawings of Alpha Flight for my buddy Dave. It is long overdue, but now that I’m settling into a style that I’m comfortable with, it will be easier to do.

The style is a bit cartoon-y, but I’m happy with it.

This drawing I did was the inspiration:


(Dave: The current image that already I did I will send to you as is, but I’ll be making a new version too)