Random Tupua Generator III

… and here is the final set of tables to generate supernatural beings/spirits/deities in Island World.

For the other tables, see my previous article.

I will be combining these into a single post later this week.

Random Tupua Generation: Other Traits

These columns are for other features, like a symbol or what kind of offering the Tupua demands in exchange for an audience.
1D10SymbolColorOffering / SacrificeEmotion
1WeaponBluePlantLaughter / Tears
2ToolGreenAnimalJoy / Rage
3Body PartYellowHumanFamily / Children
4AnimalOrangeFood / DrinkBeauty / Ugliness
5Natural LandmarkRedArt / CraftSleep / Dreams
6Human Rune / LetterPurpleQuest / TaskPleasure / Pain
7Natural Element / SubstanceWhiteFasting / DeprivationJealousy / Envy
8Human ConstructionBlackRitualMusic / Dance
9MonsterGreyOath / GeasMale / Female
10Celestial BodyNone (absence)Consecration / DessecrationAfterlife

Random Tupua Generation: Other Traits 2

TraitRating (roll 1D6)
Disposition1-Hostile, 6-Benevolent
Relatability1-Alien, 6-Human
Strictness1-Unforgiving, 6-Forgiving
Jealousy1-Convert the World, 6-No Proselytizing
Popularity1-Forgotten, 6-Many Scriptures
Followers1-Random lone believers, 6-Ecclesiastical Hierarchy
You'll notice that there are no middle or neutral ratings. To keep things interesting, every Tupua leans in one direction or the other. The Ratings can be tipped further in a direction based on external conditions, events or even the party's reputation. For example, a Tupua that might have normally been Benevolent might be more Hostile to adventurers who have desecrated holy ground or harmed some of her followers.