Review: Mad Max Fury Road

Context: I love the Mad Max films. I’ve watched them all many, many times. Whenever I see another trailer for a Fast & the Furious movie, I roll my eyes and tell people to watch a George Miller film instead. Much more fury. This latest post-apocalyptic episode is the fury-est, for sure.

Fury Road was one of the best, most exciting, visceral and emotion-fuelled action films that I’ve ever seen. It has it all: action-packed chase scenes that have a point, cool characters that you can get invested in (and care about when bad things happen to them), great practical effects and stunts, and CGI used elegantly to accentuate and enhance, not to replace reality completely (it was seriously hard to figure out what was real and what wasn’t, most of the time, anyway).

mad max fury road
Beautiful is the mind that thought of this.

There were so many visuals that are stuck in my mind, so many scenes that still give me goosebumps. For comparison, most movies in the past two decades only hold one or two moments each in my heart of hearts. Even the great ones, like the Avengers and Nolan’s Batman flicks. This film is hauntingly memorable and so crazy that it overshadows just about anything else (who cares if Nolan flipped a real Mack truck: Fury Road blows up half a dozen).

charlize-theron-mad-max444-pxlThe actors were all great: Charlize Theron always impresses me and Tom Hardy was worthy of the role. The secondary characters were well casted. Despite the surrealism, everything made “sense” within the context of this world. But boy are you left wondering about some things; Miller leaves you with these glimpses without any corny narration or exposition. The movie just moves along mercilessly (the film clocks in at exactly 2 hours but feels like only 1).

I feel that the complaint that Max isn’t the main, most important character in the film comes from people who mustn’t have seen the previous films in the series. Other than the very first one, Max has always just been “along for the ride”, so to speak, in some other people’s stories of revenge, escape and hope.

I’ll skip out on the politics, though. There are many other sites discussing that far better than I could. All that I can say is that the MRA’s (Men’s Rights Activists’) complaints are misguided. The toxic masculinity portrayed in this film shows how badly it affects men just as much as it does women (and nature). Need an example? Legions of young men feeling that their only worth is to throw themselves to their death in pointless adrenaline and nitro fuelled rage.

Anyway, I wholeheartedly recommend this film to everyone and anyone. It’s exciting, well-crafted and very progressive (strong, competent and interesting women).

GO see it!!!

Yes, this is incredible, amazing and INSANE!!!