RPG a Day 2015: 26th to 28th

Here is a continuation of my participation in #RPGaDAY2015 .

26th: Favourite Inspiration to your game

Easy! Leafing through my collection of RPGs and artbooks (hard copies, not PDFs). There’s something about actually leafing through physical books…

Here are a few that come to mind:

27th: Favourite Idea to Merge Two Games into One

I might have already covered this, but merging the 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons with Dungeon World.

Here are some example rules:

  • Skills: no skills. People are proficient with two attributes (determined by their class and background). Also, they are proficient with anything that makes sense (again, based on their class and background).
  • The players are the only ones who roll the dice. Attacks from monsters will be saving throws by the characters (modified by suitable defences, such as armor, equipment, tools, training etc…)
  • Each class has a damage die (same as their Hit die). This is used for all damage that they deal, except for things like spells. Using a weapon in both hands increases the damage die by one step (the Barbarian just adds a d4 to their d12). Weapons retain their range, reach, “tags” and damage types to keep them differentiated and unique.
  • Some skill checks are handled as the are in Dungeon World: 2d6+Attribute bonus (or penalty). A result of 6- is a failure, 7-9 is a success at cost, 10+ is super success.

That sort of thing!

28th: Favourite Game that I no Longer Play

112308That would be Adventures on a Dungeon Planet by Red Box Vancouver. It’s a great pulp-y science fiction game based on Dungeon World. We had so much fun starting up a campaign of this a few years ago which just fizzled out due to scheduling complications.

It’s a great, fun game and I can’t wait to try it out again.