#RPGaDay 11 – Weirdest RPG owned

tmnt_coverAn easy #RPGaDay. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other strangeness.

This game uses the Palladium/Rifts game system, but seems a lot more basic. A huge part of the book focuses on different animal mutant types that you can be.

It’s weird because it’s really just a framework for what  you can do. You make a mutant in a modern-day setting, just like the TMNTs, but here’s where it gets interesting. When you create your character, you get the choice a few mutant types:

  • regular animal in appearance, but with great intelligence (which is what Splinter was before he was exposed to the mutagen that transformed the turtles)
  • Partial Biped, like a giant, vaguely humanoid animal (like Splinter after he mutated)
  • Full Biped and hands (like the Turtles)
  • Full human, but with some animal characteristics (this is the only type that is human-sized)

So just like in the original comics, the turtles are shorter than the average human. That’s one of my pet peeves with the new movie in which they’re all gigantic 6-7 ft tall monsters.

It was a pretty cool game, despite the clunkiness of the Palladium system, but if I ever ran an anthropomorphic campaign, I’d probably borrow this book’s animal section for inspiration.

But when you really think about it, it IS kind of weird for its time. Nowadays, Deviant Art and the internet at large is FULL of anthro-art. Most of it relates to the furries, sadly, which is why this book is a little awkward to own.