#RPGaDay 13 – Most Memorable Character Death

The most memorable death occurred during a Dark Heresy game. My friend Andrea was the GM. We were a bunch of goons checking out a doomed mining facility on a planet with a flammable atmosphere.

My character was a hunched, bird-like Tech-Priest named Saurod. He was really fun to play.

Anyway, the mission was going well until a battle in a crowded stairwell. It was going really badly. Saurod was getting shot, stunned and mutated by the party’s Psychic mis-haps.

As he flopped around on the floor doing nothing but froth at the mouth and get covered in open bubbling sores and tentacles (I actually sat there and did nothing for about five rounds- that’s about 20 minutes real time), he managed to overcome his state long enough to fire off his one flame-round at his enemies. There was a 10 percent chance that such an action would ignite the atmosphere. Can you guess what happened next?

The world was scorched. Our characters burned through all their Fate Points and died. However, they were successful in neutralizing the Heretics!