#RPGaDay 18 – Favourite Game System

Dungeon World. I reserved this answer for a game that I’ve actually played rather than the many that I haven’t yet, such as D&D 5, GUMSHOE and LotFP.

I seriously love this game. Easy, fast and entertaining. While I can easily adopt the game’s core philosophy into any other game system, the “10+ you succeed, 7-9 succeed at cost and 6- something bad happens” is built right into the system.

Dungeon World has forever changed the way that I game—as both a GM and as a player—and so I owe a lot to it.

I do admit that I’m a bit turned off by the endless swarm of Playbooks. I feel that it is seriously getting out of hand. I think that just about everything can be covered with just the core classes,and some of the “first wave” variations from the makers of Inverse World and Grim World.

Great game: I can’t recommend it enough.

Check out the free rules today here or buy it at DrivethruRPG or get it at Indie Press Revolution.


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