#RPGaDay 7 – Most “intellectual” RPG owned

Wraith the Oblivion 1st edition
The title can’t be seen here because it glows in the dark!

To keep things simple, I went with a printed book: Wrath the Oblivion (1st Edition).

This was a heavy game to get into. It differs from other games of its line because it is less about “kewl powers” and more about introspective horror—perhaps more so than any of the other games published by White Wolf at the time.

In short, your character is a ghost and is harangued by their “Shadow”, which is their self-destructive nihilistic self that wants to just give up. Think of the lyrics to Nine Inch Nails “Mr Self Destruct” – that song sums up the Shadow very nicely:

The game had elements of movies like The Crow, Jacob’s Ladder, Hellraiser and… believe it or not, Ghost.

When I was younger and a fervent goth kid, I ate up the mythology and symbolism even if I didn’t understand it. I tried running it once and it fell apart because it was just too grim and dark. We still wanted to get into fights with monsters (not that there weren’t plenty of them in this game too). It was just too heavily dependent on internal conflicts and emotional themes.

It was very, very dark, but in a serious way (not because of “mature” themes). One had to put a LOT of thought into their characters and the GM had even more work to do because so many of the antagonistic forces were built from the characters’ internal demons.

I keep this book as a solid reminder of a phase in my life.