#RPGaDAY Day 1, First RPG Played

wfrp1From what I can recall, the first game that I ever played was Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

My friends and I were really into the miniatures wargame. Jeff, Dylan, Jonathan, Greg and Jason were all real into this super “metal” game of opposing armies clashing into each other, their fates decided by dice rolls.

It was super nerdy, but man did we have fun. We weren’t scoring any points with the ladies by this hobby, but the way that things were, we weren’t doing so well anyway.

The game was super gritty and grimy: your character was born in a pseudo-early renaissance europe. In it, you were as likely to die from a disease as from a stab wound from an orc.

I have fond memories of this game, but I’ll share some of those with the other #RPGaDAY posts in the following weeks.