#RPGaDAY Day 3 – First RPG Purchased

wfrpOnce again, WFRP fits the bill for #RPGaDay. I still remember going into this small gaming store on Bank street here in Ottawa. I can’t remember the name of it, but my buddies and I used to go here for all of our metal warhammer army miniatures. It was about a block away from what is now the Comic Book Shoppe. In fact, I think that it was in the same building as the ‘Shoppe’s first location. There was a convenient pizzaria next door.

A big thing was convincing my folks that this game didn’t have anything to do with dungeons & dragons and was free from the negative labels of the Satanic Panic of the 80s. It was a tough sell, but it worked. Of course, later on, I was lucky that my mom never perused the Demonic spell list…

I think that it was the first time that I was happy that I was acquiring a book the size of a Science textbook for school. It was HUGE, about half the thickness of a phone book. The illustrations were really cool and detailed, the career system: fascinating.

I miss that gaming store, actually. ‘Had a lot of fond memories of that place. The owners were real nice and supportive: a lot more approachable than the old grognards at Fandom II (at the time, anyway).

Man growing up is weird. We were just teenagers, pre-smartphone, pre-internet (well, not really, but the web back then was hardly the same as now and was real limited in functionality- there was NO social media other than text forums). Things were really different back then.

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