Skill Tests

Before going on too much about Aspects, lemme explain how the game WORKS:

You use these dice:


They are marked like this: +, +, -, -, blank, blank.

  • + means +1
  • – means -1
  • blank means 0

The + and – cancel each other out. So if you roll 2 + and 1 -, you end up with just one + for a result of +1.

With these dice, you can get any result from as hight as +4 to as low as -4.

You use these 4 dice for every roll in the game.

After rolling, you add your skill. On average, most skills are at around +2.

Example: I roll stealth. My dice come up with: “+, +, -, 0” (that would end up with +1). My Stealth skill is 3. So my final result would be 4.

You usually compare this end result with the following difficulty chart:


The most average skill difficulty is at +1 or 0. Easy rolls are usually set at -2 less than your skill number while harder ones are usually 2 higher.

A contested roll would involve both players rolling and comparing the end results.

  • IF YOU FAIL: you either weren’t able to do what you wanted, or you succeed at great cost.
  • IF YOU TIE: you succeed, but at some cost
  • IF YOU PASS: you succeed exactly as you wanted.
  • IF YOU PASS, but over the difficulty: you succeed spectacularly and gain “Shifts”

Shifts measure how well you succeeded. Those are used for extra benefits, but they also break ties in opposed rolls (higher skill level + some good luck means you’ll usually win a tie).