Island World: Myr

Island World is the name of the game.

Myr is the name of the world.

Ku is the name of the great Archipelago where the protagonists come from.

The people of Ku are varied and diverse, but they share a few traits in common that are inspired by several aboriginal tribes from our world:

  • the people of Hawaii, New Zealand, Polynesia and Papua New Guinea
  • the mythology of the Hopi and Navajo

There were benevolent missionaries from a distant land who are very technologically advanced. They introduced windmills, gears, advanced navigation tools and sailing equipment. But then, for some reason, they all disappeared and stopped coming. None of the people in the Archipelago know why.


The animals of Myr are liberally pulled from prehistory. The seas will be full of primordial creatures that look like a strange mix of fish, crustacean and squid. The skies will be swarming with flying creatures of varying size, from airplane-sized Pterodactyls to Sky-Whales. Dinosaurs of various kinds will dominate the land where humanity hasn’t.



Island World

I am progressively working on a Campaign setting compatible with Dungeon World.

It is based on a collaboratively-made fantasy world that my friends and I have been working on for years.

Key features:

  • The world is composed of a vast archipelago: no islands are larger than New Zealand or Japan.
  • The core people that the players can portray are loosely based on Pacific Islanders (especially Hawaii, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand).
  • The animal life is a mish-mash of creatures from Prehistory: late Paleozoic and Mesozoic. So giant amphibians, early mammals, dinosaurs and other ancient reptiles. I’ll be asking any readers to suspend their disbelief on this crazy idea as much as they would with any fantasy setting composed of dragons and unicorns.
  • There will also be a separate people who are reminiscent of the Unseelie Fey / Dark Wood Elves without actually being either.
  • Huge focus on exploration: most of the hundreds of thousands of islands are unknown.

Stay tuned for more designer notes!

Age of Myr

I’m making an Apocalypse World hack based on the story-game setting of Myr that my friends and I have been working on for many years.

First here’s an outline of the core Peoples and their main archetypes:


Roles: Adventurous Monster Hunter, Moody Spirit Mage or Attractive and sociable Crafter

Unique Traits: Water Runner


Roles: Benevolent Tech Missionary, Dashing Airship Explorer or Optimistic Steampunk Inventor

Unique Traits: Machine Spirit


Roles: Shape-Changing Rogue, Blind Arcane Sorcerer or Passion-fuelled Seeker

Unique Traits: Totem Spirited


Roles: Heroic legend, Mysterious Desert Trickster or Ill-Omened Oracle

Unique Traits: A Deity’s Beloved


Roles: Curious Telepathic Scientist, Short-Lived Giant Warrior or Healing Shepherd of Life

Unique Traits: Abyss-Born


Roles: Diplomatic Elegant Emissary, Daredevil Treasure Hunter or Enlightened Cosmic Chronicler

Unique Trait: Sky Walker


Roles: Wild Emotional Berzerker, Icy Steadfast Navigator, Beast Master of the Steppes

Unique Trait: Grim and Frostbitten