#RPGaDAY Day 1, First RPG Played

wfrp1From what I can recall, the first game that I ever played was Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

My friends and I were really into the miniatures wargame. Jeff, Dylan, Jonathan, Greg and Jason were all real into this super “metal” game of opposing armies clashing into each other, their fates decided by dice rolls.

It was super nerdy, but man did we have fun. We weren’t scoring any points with the ladies by this hobby, but the way that things were, we weren’t doing so well anyway.

The game was super gritty and grimy: your character was born in a pseudo-early renaissance europe. In it, you were as likely to die from a disease as from a stab wound from an orc.

I have fond memories of this game, but I’ll share some of those with the other #RPGaDAY posts in the following weeks.

RPG a Day blogfest

In celebration of my Geek Pride, for fun I’ll be joining up with this exercise started by the Autocratik blog.

Basically, each day I’ll post something related to this event.

If you’re reading this, and you have a blog, join in! It’s fun! BE LIKE US!… BE LIKE US!

Here is the day-by-day list of topics:

1st – First RPG Played
2nd – First RPG Gamemastered
3rd – First RPG Purchased
4th – Most recent RPG purchase
5th – Most Old School RPG owned
6th – Favourite RPG Never get to play
7th – Most “intellectual” RPG owned
8th – Favourite character
9th – Favourite Die / Dice Set
10th – Favourite tie-in Novel / Game Fiction
11th – Weirdest RPG owned
12th – Old RPG you still play / read
13th – Most Memorable Character Death
14th – Best Convention Purchase
15th – Favourite Convention Game
16th – Game you wish you owned
17th – Funniest Game you’ve played
18th – Favourite Game System
19th – Favourite Published Adventure
20th – Will still play in 20 years time…
21st – Favourite Licensed RPG
22nd – Best Secondhand RPG Purchase
23rd – Coolest looking RPG product / book
24th – Most Complicated RPG Owned
25th – Favourite RPG no one else wants to play
26th – Coolest character sheet
27th – Game You’d like to see a new / improved edition of…
28th – Scariest Game you’ve played
29th – Most memorable encounter
30th – Rarest RPG Owned
31st – Favourite RPG of all time