RPG a Day 2015: 26th to 28th

Here is a continuation of my participation in #RPGaDAY2015 .

26th: Favourite Inspiration to your game

Easy! Leafing through my collection of RPGs and artbooks (hard copies, not PDFs). There’s something about actually leafing through physical books…

Here are a few that come to mind:

27th: Favourite Idea to Merge Two Games into One

I might have already covered this, but merging the 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons with Dungeon World.

Here are some example rules:

  • Skills: no skills. People are proficient with two attributes (determined by their class and background). Also, they are proficient with anything that makes sense (again, based on their class and background).
  • The players are the only ones who roll the dice. Attacks from monsters will be saving throws by the characters (modified by suitable defences, such as armor, equipment, tools, training etc…)
  • Each class has a damage die (same as their Hit die). This is used for all damage that they deal, except for things like spells. Using a weapon in both hands increases the damage die by one step (the Barbarian just adds a d4 to their d12). Weapons retain their range, reach, “tags” and damage types to keep them differentiated and unique.
  • Some skill checks are handled as the are in Dungeon World: 2d6+Attribute bonus (or penalty). A result of 6- is a failure, 7-9 is a success at cost, 10+ is super success.

That sort of thing!

28th: Favourite Game that I no Longer Play

112308That would be Adventures on a Dungeon Planet by Red Box Vancouver. It’s a great pulp-y science fiction game based on Dungeon World. We had so much fun starting up a campaign of this a few years ago which just fizzled out due to scheduling complications.

It’s a great, fun game and I can’t wait to try it out again.

RPG a Day 2015: 22nd to 25th

Here is a continuation of my participation in #RPGaDAY2015 . This will be brief and easy to skip for those of you who don’t really care at all.

22nd: Perfect Gaming Environment

Good friends who love to play and hang out, a decent sound system for BG music, comfy chairs and lots of room for my GM stuff (small side tables).

Maybe one of these tables:



Not much else to say about that. I’m sure that most people will likely have a similar answer…

23rd: Perfect Game for Me

Something that is quick to learn, easy to use, intuitive and adaptable to a variety of moods.

I like universal mechanics with enough flexibility so that making rulings is easy and natural

I’m liking Dungeons & Dragons and Dungeon World right now. My next game will merge the two a bit. That will be just about perfect for me, at the moment.

24th: Favourite House Rule

Here’s a cool character design for you (courtesy of Lamentations of the Flame Princess

I have a few that I’m a fan of:

  • (D&D 5e) Letting players spend Inspiration to buff up their spells and abilities to max them out
  • Letting people meta-game (giving ideas to the other players if they’re stuck, suggesting a course of action that both highlights the other character’s abilities and is awesome/funny)
  • Yes but, Yes and, No but, No and to crazy ideas, failed rolls or dead ends
  • Letting someone negate all damage from one source by letting their shield or helmet get destroyed

25th: Favourite Revolutionary Game Mechanic

Yikes. I’ve witnessed more than one heated debate on this topic. I’ll just stick to subjective experience for this answer.

GUMSHOE’s ideology that the clues can automatically be found with the right skills; it’s how to interpret and follow through with the clues that’s challenging and interesting.

I mean, it’s not rocket science: most people that I’ve played with dislike it when the investigation either grinds to a halt or gets derailed into a pointless red herring because the PCs failed their “search for clues” rolls or looked in the wrong box at the crime scene. What’s also not all that great is moving the clues to wherever the PCs look so that they always find them anyway, no matter what course of action that they take. On the other side of the GM screen the players might not even notice… But their brains might eventually.

Esoterrorists-2-cover_reduced2I just like to skip that whole problem and say: “Jane, your character has extra specialization in investigation skill X? YOU figure out right away that there’s a clue THERE.” This lets me move the game along to where I really want it to go: chases down alleyways, discovering gruesome altars in basements, gunfights with tentacled horrors and sneaking into a mausoleum at night.

There’s more to it than that. I really like everything else about the GUMSHOE game system. Read up about it here on the Wiki.

RPG a Day 2015: 19th, 20th and 21st

Here is a continuation of my participation in #RPGaDAY2015 .

RPG_adventure!_cover19th: Favourite Supers RPG

I don’t really have one. I’ve never played in a super hero game (unless you count high-powered White Wolf or Rifts).

Then again, I did play a few sessions of Adventure!, the pulp-era supers game from White Wolf. My character was Dash Remington, a mix between the Rocketeer (my favorite super hero) and the Red Baron.

I certainly enjoyed making characters and hamming it up. Sure, some of the more high-powered characters (emulating the gods of DC) kind of outshined the rest of us, but that’s built-into the game itself.

So sadly I don’t really have a valid answer…

20th: Favourite Horror RPG

The “jenga” RPG

Dread (the Jenga one) is probably right up there. I’ve yet to play it but I sooooo want to. Sure the Jenga tower is a bit of a gimmick, but it seems like it could just work perfectly. Tension mounts until someone messes up and the tower comes crashing down, spelling doom for someone. But then the tower gets re-built and things cool down for a bit.

I’ve already planned to use it for a sci-fi Aliens game and a Resident Evil mansion. Ideally one or the other for Halloween…

The only problem is that when a player dies they’re out of the game. Not sure that I like that. I may use the alternate rule in which their character is just knocking on death’s door and that they can perish at any time that I wish, bwa hah hah…

21st: Favourite RPG Setting

Probably Numenera’s The Ninth World. It seems perfect to me: combining fantasy, science fiction and post-apocalypse. It also evokes Moebius, Jodorowski, Michael Moorcock and Heavy Metal magazine. Several of my favourite things.

I mean, sure, it helps that the artwork of Numenera is incredible and inspiring. But reading about it is a delight as well. I’ve read complaints from people who feel that it doesn’t offer anything new or special but I just don’t feel that way.

Someday I would like to play or Game Master a Numenera campaign. So many possibilities.