The World of Asherah


Asherah is a warm world of floating continents and islands.

Its peoples are varied and colourful: their technology levels spanning from early bronze age to Victorian Industrial age.

It has diverse fauna: many of which evolved some ability of flight: giant insects the size of buses, half-reptilian birds, floating sky-buffalo and air-whales.


Long ago, before the Floating Continents rose into the sky, a mad Wizard gained great power and tore the world apart with his magics. He caused the continents to break apart and soar into the sky. Before disappearing from the world and into legend, he created a massive castle filled with dangers. The location of this castle is lost but many desire to seek it out and claim its secrets.

Current Threat

The greatest current threat is the Engineering Guild which has been speeding up its development of weapons and militarized airships in order to fulfill the increasing supply and demand of two warring nations. Their main goals are to awaken an army of clockwork automatons and to complete their massive Sky Fortress: an airship of ominous proportions. They are held back by the loss of their greatest engineer, Terk, along with the mysterious Clockwork Key in his possession. That strange device is crucial to activating both the army and the Sky Fortress. They will stop at nothing to reclaim it from Terk and his allies.

The Quest

Little does the Guild know that the Clockwork Key possesses a secret: when held by the claw of a Griffin (now extinct except for in the memory of a Druid named Vayu), the key reveals that it can open a fabled Vault hidden in the world. Terk, Vayu and any of their friends scramble to find the location of this Vault. Legend has it that clues to its whereabouts can be found in three ruins scattered about the world.

Can the heroes locate the Vault before they are caught by the Guild?

What is contained within the Vault? Will its contents save the world or contribute to its destruction?

Characters (so far)

Terk, the Gnome Mechanic, Idealistic but Eccentric Inventor

Vayu, the Elven Shapeshifting Druid, Protector of the Skies