Twin Suns: Mahana Matua

The world of Ku orbits a pair of suns. The idea of two suns spinning around each other may seem very fantastic and improbable, but some NASA astronomers theorize that they may be more common than singular suns like ours!

These twins are most often called the Mahana Matua which loosely means Warm Parents or Sun Parents. The people of the islands have many different interpretations of these celestial bodies but most agree that they are the core authority figures of Ku’s deities. Here are the most popular beliefs for what they represent:

  • They are the mother and father of all gods.
  • They are twin siblings: two brothers, two sisters, or a brother and a sister, depending on the island.
  • They are predator and prey in an eternal chase
  • They are twin sea creatures chasing each other: either in play or in combat.

Their combined light is similar to our’s, but a bit more intense and concentrated. So plant-life on Ku tends to be more vibrant or rich in color.

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