Upcoming projects

Sorry for the hiatus: life happened. Kids kind of preoccupy me these days. Anyhow, here’s a quick announcement about upcoming game modules that I’m working on:

Sepulchre of the Abyss

This is a fleshed out version of a One Page Dungeon that I had submitted to the titular contest; and for which I was one of the 2nd place winners!

This module takes place in a sinister monastery at the bottom of the sea dedicated to the Bodhisattva of the Dark Light. Many treasures, riches etc… but will risk the heroes’ bodies and souls.

Curse of the Grey Isles

A sandbox adventure with many paths and possibilities. It is a merger of two other projects: Curse of the Warlock and King of the Grey Isles.

Many previews of the characters, monsters, locations and artwork for this module can be found in this blog under the tag A to Z challenge.

Here are some related posts:

Conquerors of the Cosmos

A module for the Crimson Dragon Slayer RPG, but could be used for just about any sword and sorcery game that can be used to emulate Masters of the Universe and Sectaurs.

Gonna be hella cool…

Stay tuned, friends!