Ditching gold: D&D 5e Wealth attribute

I’ve been tempted to create a Wealth attribute, determined as you would any other attribute. Note that this is not for people who are entirely happy with counting imaginary coins and being nice and exact with their fictional game shopping.

You’d roll Wealth to buy things. The cheaper and more common, the lower the DC.

Treasure can lower the difficulty to buy something. The greater the treasure, the lower the DC gets (the treasure gets expended, though). A palace, galleon or rare artefact would be priceless for typical PCs without treasure, high rank in the nobility or whatever.

A good Persuasion or Haggling check could give you Advantage (or certain in-game issues, like rarity, guild exclusivity, racial or nation tensions could give you disadvantage).

Other factors

  • Titles or rank (game rewards) can rise Wealth. Loss of face or in-game bad things can reduce it.
  • You could deliberately reduce Wealth to lower the DC of a to-buy roll.
  • The attribute bonus of your Wealth value reflects the quality of your living expenses in town.

I haven’t really thought this through, nor play-tested it, but I would like to.

Featured image by D.A. Trampier