Why I shaved my head

DSC_0210Just to spare the repeated small talk explanations, here is a brief bullet list:

  • I wanted to start over with a clean slate;
  • I was bored with my old style;
  • I felt that my mohawk looked ridiculous;
  • I want to look more professional (and no longer get thinly veiled looks of disgust and contempt from the senior management);
  • I no longer wanted to look like a guy in his 30s trying to look like a guy in his 20s;
  • The short mohawk is now increasingly fashionable and I don’t want to be fashionable;
  • It was uncomfortable;
  • I probably will get cancer from all the hairspray (might as well get used to the look of having less hair); and
  • It looked dumb (I still probably look dumb, but I feel less so).

Thank you.