Work in Progress

So for my current Age of Heroes D&D campaign, my players have roughly mapped out the infamous Library of Zorlac (since our campaign is set in the Ancient world, it’s the Library of Menkhat the Egyptian).

I promised to re-draw their map properly for their future reference (they plan on taking over the Library and keeping it for themselves). While the maps within the Vornheim book itself are awesome, they wish something a bit more traditional and set on a grid.

The biggest difference (among others) between it and the one in the published book, is that my players interpreted the various towers as set in a ring. I mean, why not? I went with it.

So here is my work-in-progress floorplan of the Library of Zorlac from Vornheim (heavily interpreted with lots of liberties). I decided to try to use the famous Dyson-style mapping out there, which is quite popular.

Not a perfect job (my first attempt), but it was fun to do and my players will love it. Once it is complete, I’ll post it for others to use (high-res for printing).

vornheim Dysonized

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