Age of Heroes Session One

Art by Matt Buck
Art by Matt Buck

The heroes, Arcas the Rogue, Pythias the Warlock and Protus the Ranger, set forth into the forbidden forests to find Eos, the lead hunter, and bring him back to the village.

Protus, having been present during the initial expedition into the woods, led the party to the base camp, only to find that had been ransacked. Even worse, they found the charred remains of a human body in a fire pit as well as a head of a well-liked young villager on a pole.

Their investigations of the scene gave only one clue: goat hoof prints, about the size of those of a Satyr. They proceeded with caution.

After a few days travel into the woods, they encountered giant spiders, a giant toad attacking a satyr (who issued a warning to the heroes to leave) and a cave where a hunter had hidden three magical black arrows that are especially harmful to spiders.

It was an arduous journey: the weather was cold, rainy and foggy and they burned through many torches. By the end, they were worn out and exhausted. It was a gruelling lesson in outdoor survival. It also revealed that the gods can be cruel and unusual (especially when they saw a giant spider with a human face).


Eventually, after many hardships from the weather and Arcas’ poisoned wounds, they found the heart of the infestation. In a ruined temple of Dionysus, there was a strange dome made of fines and roots. Inside were some Maenads and a satyr playing a song on pipes. In the centre, attached to a strange tree with four huge faces, was the hunter Eos.

After a clever plan, they managed to rescue Eos but did not have a chance to excise the abomination. Arcas killed three of the Maenads before they had a chance to rip him to shreds.

art by telthona
art by telthona

Once Eos is healed, he plans on training new hunters and warriors and leading an expedition back into the forest to cleanse it of the horrible creature that is responsible for ruining the island’s crops. Perhaps the heroes will join them when they are wiser and stronger.

After a month recovering back in the village, the heroes decided that they would next follow the cryptic words of an old blind sage and travel into the desert on the southern part of the island. There they hope to find the reason for the shortage of Antelope herds on the island.