B is for Burial Garb #atozchallenge

There are many strange things to be found in the palace living quarters. While most have been abandoned for many years, they sometimes contain morbid-albeit beautiful-curiosities.

Hidden inside chests, drawers, cabinets or simply laid out on old beds are lovely garments that are in fact funerary and are connected to the other side…

  1. Veil: while wearing this elaborate lace a person becomes completely soundless except for their voice (should provide a huge advantage to stealth checks). They also become unearthly beautiful (increase Charisma to 18 if it isn’t already that high or higher). However, once the veil is removed that person becomes frighteningly corpse-like until the next sunrise (reduce the character’s Charisma to zero and they cause fear in mortals).
  2. Gown: if a mortal wears this garb made of the whitest silk they become invisible to undead beings (unless they take directly hostile actions against them). Unfortunately, the character’s traits begin to resemble another person that the party has seen in an old painting or portrait somewhere else in the palace (for dramatic effect, make the other person’s traits memorable). Each night after the gown is worn, one of the character’s traits permanently transforms (in this order) 1-eyes, 2-hair, 3-height, 4-voice,  5-skin tone, 6-face. If worn by a character of a different gender than the one in the portrait, their gender will change too after 6 nights.
  3. Gloves: these white lace gloves are tightened around the wrist by a black ribbon. While wearing them, the character’s touch instantly puts frost on plants, rust on metal, black on silver or dust on furniture. These effects are superficial and do not actually harm or damage anything. If they touch the skin of another mortal, it is frightfully cold and causes one hit point of soul damage.
  4. Hood: this hooded cloak is made of a ghostly, translucent white material. While worn the character becomes invisible while walking in fog or mist. However because of the gravel chill that courses through their veins, the character only heals half their normal damage through rest until the next sunrise.
  5. Slippers: these light, comfortable shoes are woven with silver thread. While worn, the character never creates any visible footprints; even in snow, mud or other soft surfaces. Their steps are also perfectly silent, even if they run. However, they do leave vivid tracks that are extremely visible to the undead or necromancers.
  6. Shirt: this loose, light night shirt makes the character appear like a dead body while they sleep: their heart beat is not perceivable, their skin is cold and they feel rigid and stiff with Rigor Mortis. The good news is that they heal double the normal amount of hit points while they sleep. The morning after, however, they show all the signs of having a terribly fever: flushed cheeks, mild hallucinations and cold sweats. Otherwise they’ll be fine, but this will be troubling to friends and loved ones…

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