Dungeon Planet – Arboria

Based on our first session, in which our characters were created, we created a few key worlds in the nearest part of the galaxy. Here is one of them:

Arboria, sentient plants and subterranean monsters


Appearance: Arboria is covered in dense vegetation. Because of the bright blue sun, all plant life is yellow in colour. Massive, ancient spiralling trees (called Arcacias) thousands of years old are used as home-cities for local life forms.

Behaviour: The technology level on this world is extremely advanced but very different. It is extremely ecological and environmental, using a form of bio-thermal power unknown on any other world. No metals are mined and used: everything is made of bio-organic matter, sculpted from the iron-like mega-trees. The lush atmosphere promotes healing and growing.

Theme: Due to the unique, twisted and vibrant plant life, any Discern Reality Checks are at -1 because of sensory overload. Because of the almost magical atmosphere that promotes life, all healing moves are at +1.


Culture: The Myrmex are 5 foot tall ant-like creatures who have evolved into a state of blissful symbiotic mutualism with the giant Arcacia trees. They organise themselves into massive hives, but no longer share a hive-mind. Queens are no longer needed other than as rulers, for the species has evolved to the point where any female may reproduce. Roles and professions, however, are predetermined by necessity and need. Because they communicate via telepathic communication via their antennae, off-worlders are supplied with unique helmets donned with its own artificial antennae, which allow dialogue between races. All Myrmex are kind to off-worlders but are always eager to enlist their aid in wars with rival hives.


  • Primitive (while advanced to an astonishing degree, the technology is incompatible with that of the rest of the galaxy),
  • Turbulent (the local hives are perpetually at war with each other and will seek out aid from outsiders),
  • Alien (the ant-like Myrmex are the dominant sentient life).