Island World Playbooks

Island World can be explored with any playbooks that are compatible with the Dungeon World role playing game.

However, here are five new ones that were created especially for this setting. It is recommended that at least one player chooses one of these if they wish to thrive on the world of Ku:

The Harbinger—shrouded in destiny, gifted (or cursed?) with the Sight and the Voice, these individuals are both feared and respected by all sentient things.

The Giant Killer—a talented seeker and hunter of gigantic, legendary creatures, these mythical warriors change the world with their very presence.

The Maker—expert artists, craftspeople, smiths; these passionate people immortalize important events with works that are sung about in legend.

The Koa—these flashy and intense fighters can alter the flow of a battlefield through the force of their personality and will. Their martial art is notoriously effective and brutal.

The Seafarer—intrepid and courageous travelers. These legendary mariners can literally walk on water and see beyond the horizon.