Island World: Table of Contents

Here is the preliminary outline of my future Supplement for Dungeon World. It will give you a bit of an idea of what’s coming.

tropical island 5

General Setting Information

What is Island World?

Who are the player-characters?

What kind of adventures will happen?


The World of Ku

Twins Suns, Four Moons


The Archipelago

Tupua: Gods and Spirits

  • Random Tupua Generator

Echoes of Ancients Past

  • Random Ruin Generator

Fauna: Paleozoic and Mesozoic

Setting Rumors

Island creation

  1. Shape and terrain
  2. Resource and want
  3. People (hermit, outcasts, outpost, settlement, village, town)
  4. Unique and prominent animals
  5. Place of Power
  6. Spiritual Being
  7. Dungeon


The Maker

The Summoner

The Giant Killer

The Spirit Leader

The Sea Walker

The Stranger

Other Playbooks: Good Fits for Island World, New Alignments, Drives, Backgrounds and Bonds

  • Dungeon World
  • Inverse World
  • Grim World
  • Pirate World


Playing the Game

New Moves

New Tags



New Gear



–Toothed Knuckle Duster

–War Club




–Spear Thrower


–Giant Hunting Kit

New Tags

New Vehicles

Prehistoric Bestiary