Koru: Trilobites

Genevievella Trilobites by Nocturnalsea (Deviant Art ID)
Genevievella Trilobites by Nocturnalsea (Deviant Art ID)

This article is about some of the exotic fauna found on Koru (Island World). As I mentioned in another post, I’ve decided to try something different and draw inspiration from the Cambrian and Devonian eras.

For starters, I’ll bring attention to my favorite arthropods: the trilobites.

For starters, according to some Palaeontologists, trilobites were able to leave the sea; at least as much as some modern arthropods can. For a fantasy roleplaying game, that’s good enough, even if the theory is hotly debated.

So, in Koru, trilobites are one of the most common animals in the sea and island shores. They come in all shapes and sizes: some cute, some terrifying. Some were really, really big and preyed on small land animals or even people.


They were hunted for both their meat and their shells, which were used to make armor, tools, dishes, cutlery and even jewellry. Some of the spiniest ones were useful as weapons or hunting tools.

In game terms, trilobites will have various effects

  • A grade of armor will be trilobate-based
  • Some weapons will be made with their hardened exoskeletons
  • Some rare breeds will be as valuable as precious gems (dead or alive)
  • Some smarter kinds would make good familiars or pets
  • large or dangerous ones will make great entries in the Bestiary: in swarms, small groups or larger monsters (stats inspired by insect swarms, giant insects and monstrous animals).

Obviously, I’d only include Bestiary stats for trilobites that could pose an actual  threat to a party of adventurers and mount stats for ones that are large enough to be ridden.


As promised, I’ll be including stats that are compatible with my favorite OSR games (Labyrinth Lord and Lamentations of the Flame Princess) and with Dungeon World.

I may even… propose a playable race of highly intelligent trilobite people… that’s rather tempting, isn’t it? Right off the bat, I can think of an ability: roll up into a (nearly) indestructible ball. Ooh and being able to roll around like Samus Aran!!

Yeah I’m gonna have to do that.