M is for Mirror #atozchallenge

The battle of minds
The riddle the rhymes
Beware of the darkness behind
Usurped and enslaved
Redeemed and betrayed
The devil in the mirror, obey


What do people see when they look into a mirror on the Grey Isles?

Each time someone looks into a mirror or other reflective surface, roll randomly on the table below to determine what they see (keep track of which type of reflection appears on each surface… it will make your players think that there’s a mystery or puzzle or other hidden meaning):

  1. Skeletons made of black, shiny bones.
  2. The character’s most recent nightmare; even if forgotten or suppressed by their subconscious, they will remember it fully in that awful moment.
  3. A demon stares back and will reach out to grab the onlooker. The victim must make a saving throw to resist magic or else be pulled into the mirror and suffer infernal nightmares for what feels like weeks. The next morning (in the real world; only a few hours actually pass) they awaken but partially possessed by an evil presence. (Each morning, the character must make a Willpower check or their alignment becomes Chaotic-Evil for the day).
  4. Their skin crawling with thousands of maggots, centipedes, cockroaches and slugs.
  5. Their skin tattooed with blasphemous words and images that would make the Marquis de Sade blush.
  6. Themselves covered in oozing sores, boils and blackened flesh, standing in a grey, misty void.
  7. Themselves with a grotesque fresh wound in their neck. The next time they suffer damage from a melee or ranged attack, it will hit them in the neck and be an instant critical (and will bleed profusely and dramatically). Once this happens, their reflection appears completely normal.
  8. Themselves, but with fresh injuries and harm from their whole life.
  9. Child versions of themselves, but with blackened, smoking eyes.
  10. Nothing at all (no reflection of anyone except those whose alignment is Good or Lawful).
  11. Themselves, but without any skin (and they feel a searing pain all over).
  12. Rotting, bloated, drowned corpses in a flooded version of the room.
  13. Everything is the same, except all in blood red.
  14. Themselves, except the background behind them is an empty desert with black sand and an eclipsed moon.
  15. Very elderly, weary versions of themselves: except everyone else appears younger and full of life.
  16. Themselves but with a strange black rune drawn on their foreheads. The symbol is unrecognisable except by those heavily steeped in the dark arts. The next morning, when they wake up, the symbol has been drawn on their real foreheads in charcoal.
  17. Themselves, speaking a stream of words that cannot be heard. Their tongues are black.
  18. Themselves, but on fire, their faces a mess of glowing embers.
  19. Moss-covered, mould-encrusted, vine-entangled walking corpses.
  20. A view into a deep chasm: causes intense vertigo.

(Reference image courtesy of Norman Rockwell)