My top 10 albums of 2016

A bit late (we’re well into 2017 now) but as I sit here feeling feverish and weak, I came across this post that I had been keeping in draft form since October 2016.

Note: only a few of these were actually released in 2016. These are just albums that I personally discovered in that year.

Warning: some of these videos may not be safe for work. Also, if growly vocals bother you, not all of this will be to your taste.

1. Abyss, by Chelsea Wolfe

Something about very dark and dreary melodies sung by ladies. I don’t know why but I love it!

2. Realms, by Darkher

Just like Chelsea Wolfe, this artist has some DNA from Doom Metal. Dreary but decadent.

3. Sovran, by Draconian

The first “growly” vocal band that I liked. Perhaps because it is contrasted by lovely lady vocals?

4. The Wild Hunt, by Watain

Another of my first “growly” bands. Something very dark and powerful about these guys.

5. King, by Fleshgod Apocalypse

Epic Death Metal. Very growly, but with awesome orchestration.

6. Ankoku Butoh, by Faith and the Muse

From the gothic 90s, an album that I discovered very late (er, this past year). Very mystical and poetic.

7. The Satanist, by Behemoth

Wow. Okay, if you can get over the satanic themes, this stuff is very powerful and intense.

This video is dedicated to H.R. Giger:

8. M, by Myrkur

As with Chelsea Wolfe and Darkher, Myrkur has ties to Metal, but of the Black genre. Great stuff by a talented lady:

9. Darkest White, by Tristania

I got into Tristania at around the same time as Draconian for similar reasons:

10. In the Nightside Eclipse, by Emperor

The first Black Metal album that “clicked” for me.

A great explanation of this insane music by a great music reviewer: