O is for Osseous Helm #atozchallenge

This protective headgear was made to resemble a skull. It is always cold to the touch, even in the hot sun.

While worn, it has the following effects on the wearer:

  • they are unaffected by hot temperatures (the helmet keeps their body temperature at a cool level). Any diseases that they catch do not cause a fever.
  • all damage received (from any source) is reduced by 1d6.
  • for each point of damage negated, the player must put a tally mark next to an ability score. These may be spread out as they wish.
  • if ever the tallies equal the ability score that they are assigned to, erase the tallies and draw a little skull. No more tallies can be assigned to that ability score. Consult the effects below to see what the effect permanently affects the character, even if they remove the helmet:
    • Charisma: the character can now speak to grave stones: they can converse with a ghostly echo of whomever was buried there. The “ghost” has all of the memories of the person at the time of their death. The character’s eyes are now black, light-less holes.
    • Constitution: the character’s bones become twice as thick (the character becomes taller by a whole foot and wider, proportionately). They become resistant to bludgeoning damage, but take a disadvantage to all Dexterity or agility checks.
    • Dexterity: the character’s hands become skeletal (the flesh melts off during the night). The character can detach their hands and control them from a distance, like bony spiders.
    • Intelligence: the character gains an obsession with people, items, places and architecture related to death. While resting near such subjects, they heal faster than normal (double their resting healing rate). However, they rest only half as much when they are not near them.
    • Strength: the character’s bones sprout spikes from their knuckles, elbows, shoulders, knees and horns on their head. They do an extra 1d6 damage on unarmed attacks.
    • Wisdom: all skeletons within 666 feet, no matter how concealed or buried, glow with a faint dark aura, like black stars. This does not obstruct or impair their vision. It’s just disconcerting.